New M.A.T.1180 by Mills Yacht design.


New M.A.T. sailing Yachts.

M.A.T.1180 のPreliminary sepciffcation, Price List. IRC Traial 2014 Ratingが届きました。

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LOA: 11.80m

Beam Max: 3,98m

Draft: 2.50m

Dispracement: 4,375kg

IRC T.C.C.2014: 1.157



HAYAMA MARINA Yacht Club Race!

HMYC Culb Race. 22 June 2014.

2nd place!!  EXOTIQUE   M.A.T.1010

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HMYC Paul Stuart Cup.

DSC_0506 DSC_0494 DSC_0499 DSC_0509

関東ミドルボート選手権 2014 M.A.T.1010

We won the Middleboat championship 2014 with successfull PERFORMANCE !

(Photos by Sumiko Ishimaru & Akai.  Thank you very much.)

関東ミドルボート選手権 2014   IRC Class  Group B      EXOTIQUE M.A.T.1010 First  Place.



The 26th Kanto Middle Boat Championship was held in the Gulf of Sagami from the May 3 to May 5.
This is a very famous regatta in Japan because it attracts 26 to 36 feet boats which are popular categories in terms of size. 
This year, a total of 35 boats participated in the IRC class.
Team EXOTEQUE / M.A.T.1010 won the championship in the IRC Class, Division B. 
VMG Yachts (Koichi Matsuzaki) coordinated the first M.A.T.1010 launched in Japan in 2013. 
Team EXOTEQUE grabbed its first big title in just nine months after taking the helm of the boat. 
Their victory is clear proof of great potential of M.A.T.1010.
2013.09 Zusi Reggtta   IRC Class B                    3rd Place.
2013,10 Zushi Marina Cup IRC Class                2nd Place.
2014,05 Kanto MiddleBoat Championship IRC Class B     1st  Place.

Team EXOTIQUE M.A.T.1010


North Sails Panel GP


North Sails Asymetric Downwind A1/A3

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13 April 2014. Timberland Cup.

HAYAMA Marina Yacht Club. (HMYC)

Timberland Cup. EXOTIQUE   M.A.T.1010 .  

Nice photos!            Thank you very  much.           Yuko san & Mr.Higuchi.

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Japanese Yachting Magazine 「Kazi」. Boat Revew M.A.T.1010


5 May 2014  Kazi  Magazine.                      Boat Impression  of  M.A.T.1010.

IMG_0264 IMG_0262 IMG_0263

「2014 5月号 KAZI誌」

2o14年4月5日 発売 KAZI ボートインプレッションにM.A.T.1010が掲載されます。

ライターは、ヴァンデシュタット デザイン 大橋且典 先生

セーリング ヨットデザイナーが受けた、M.A.T. Sailing Yachts.Mills designへの記事が楽しみです!


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